birth-hood Hypnobirthing Leicester

What is it?

birth-hood offers a complete in-depth non hippy but fully scientific AND evidenced based Hypnobirthing birth preparation programme. It has been designed so you are fully informed;  know your birth rights and all birth options, plus release fear and build confidence during pregnancy, so you can look forward to, and have your birth like you deserve.

Our Hypnobirthing birth preparation programme  gives you the knowledge, tools and confidence to have control throughout pregnancy and birth, the way you and your partner want and deserve.

It is designed to help birthing women and people (and their partners) prepare fully for the birth of their baby. It is a logical, interactive and effective course, using knowledge, support and guided relaxation to help promote a confident approach to birth and beyond.

My initial training was with KGHypnobirthing (accredited to the Royal College of Midwives), is where I got my diploma, though my recent training with The Birth Uprising has hugely up-skilled me to support you even more! The programme is designed to help release fear of birth and increase the confidence in your choices through becoming fully informed.


It informs you of all the aspects surrounding pregnancy and childbirth but delivers it in a way that helps you to take control of all your birth options. You will fully develop your understanding of the processes, and acquire the tools and confidence to allow your body to birth your baby, your way.


birth-hood is thrilled to be offering face to face Hypnobirthing classes in Leicestershire, and surrounding areas, enabling you to have the best birth possible. BUT good news....I can support your preparation worldwide online too! 

I offer both groups and private classes, online, in local venues and the comfort of your own home.

What will I learn?

  • The science behind birth the uterus and hormones

  • Breathing techniques for labour and relaxation

  • The physiology of birth and the role the mind plays to influence this

  • How to identify and release any fears about birth

  • Easy massage techniques for pregnancy and labour

  • Deep relaxation techniques and visualisations

  • How to use affirmations to build confidence

  • Active birth techniques for labour

  • How your birth partner can help you and feel totally involved

  • Your choices for where and how to birth your baby

  • Confidence in your choices and to cope with changes to your labour

  • The HUGE role your partner plays in pregnancy, labour and beyond

  • Pain relief options (with pros and cons) so you can make the right choices for you

  • About more complex births and pregnancies, and the options available to you

  • How care providers work with you in all environments

  • PLUS MORE - It's 10 hours of awesome content!