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Here you'll find out about what being a doula is all about and links to my services!

I offer 5 star rated personalised Doula services in Leicester, Leicestershire and surrounding areas! If you're with 20 miles, I have you covered with ease-  though I travel happily up to an hour from my base!





What is a doula?

A doula is someone who provides support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatally, but does not replace anyone else who is present. My role is to provide informational, practical and emotional reassurance throughout this journey, to help you have the most positive experience you can.

My job is to support fully but un-intrusively.

One of the truly beneficial roles of a doula is someone who is not emotionally attached to you, nor part of the establishment you're birthing in either, meaning I am fully on your side, able to support, advocate and keep emotionally stable throughout.

Before you commit to having me as your doula, we will have a complimentary call and meet to to see how we 'fit' together. We then begin a working relationship throughout your pregnancy so can not only work out the best ways for me to support you, but also to provide antenatal care and build a rapport, one that helps you feel safe, comfortable and at ease. Who wants a stranger at their birth?

I am not a medical professional, but I will work alongside them to support you, and your family throughout the perinatal period.

It is also my job to provide you unbiased, evidence based information to give you confidence in making your own choices, whatever they are. I will be there regardless of your place of birth, your type of birth and whether this is your first birth or your fourth.

 Although I can’t provide a thorough description of what I will do as your birth doula because only you know what you might need, and this is what will be discussed at consultation/interview.

Birth is emotive and empowering, so one thing i can tell you is that I will accompany you through the process of preparing for birth, and support you in labour and as you birth your baby, as well as postnatally.

Payment plans available for all doula services, just let me know!

You can check out the full range of services on offer below by clicking the links...

I could tell you all the reasons why you should hire a doula- but you could just have a look here:

For availability, please get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!

  • You can also upgrade a Hypnobirthing package to include virtual doula support throughout pregnancy, following all antenatal appointments etc (not including the birth) as an Antenatal Package (£399) please contact below for more info and to discuss.

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