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What they said...

"We instantly felt at ease and comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the benefits of Hypnobirthing. We are due to have our first baby in 6 weeks and Leanne helped us to feel nothing but calm and excited for this completely unknown experience coming up"

"Leanne helped us look at birth in a different way to how it can often be portrayed, and we have come away with loads of affirmations and exercises to do that make me feel totally in control and relaxed!"

"Thank you so much for everything! I’ve noticed a massive difference in Lucy and I really am excited to support her, and I know how to now! You gave us invaluable information all the way through with reasoning and justifications. We know we have choice and I feel confident now and expressing our choices to the midwife team!"


"We went on an antenatal course last week, and honestly found the two hours spent with Leanne today were much more helpful than the seven hours there!"

Our birth experience was nothing short of amazing, and something we are both extremely proud of. Using everything we learnt from our course, we got the birth we had in mind and we are so proud.

"Out of all the things we've spent money on for our little one, this I feel is the most important. We've had an amazing 1-1 course with Leanne, who from our first session has made us feel so calm, comfortable and relaxed, we feel like we've known her for years."

Image by Jimmy Conover

Birth Stories

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