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Being a doula is an honour and a privilege.

Supporting you as your journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum is something I do not take lightly and to receive the feedback I do is just beyond words.

So take a look for yourself.

Aaaand head to Google for more 5 STAR feedback!

Beka & Matt

First baby


From my first contact with Leanne we just clicked, she’s proudly inclusive and has experience in a wide range of pregnancies and birth situations. She supported me through my concern about fibroids, and gave me some brilliant yoga positions to try when my SPD started. She kept in contact through my pregnancy and made me feel like I really had amazing support whenever I needed it. The prenatal sessions were so brilliant to run through my birth plans of a physiological homebirth. Leanne supported me every step of the way and made me feel so confident and excited for my homebirth (my midwives were excited she was my doula too, they love her!). As we got closer to my birth, Leanne kept in regular contact to check in, I felt really cared for 🥰 then the birth…well it all happened really, really fast but the minute Leanne arrived the mood shifted to totally calm - she suggested a more comfortable position for me that I loved and ended up birthing in. She made the room feel relaxing and I remember feeling so content when she arrived. My partner visibly relaxed when Leanne arrived too and was able to focus more on me. Unfortunately we had some very uneducated paramedics arrive (no medical reason) and Leanne supported my partner in dealing with the coercion they threw our way. She also helped to challenge when a midwife started touching me without my consent. She made sure I stayed hydrated and that I was warm and comfy throughout. Post birth she got me comfortable in bed and made me food (and made sure I ate!!) she supported a physiological third stage by reading my cues when I felt I needed to change position. She also helped with some latch issues and supported our undisturbed golden hour. It felt so natural having her there and i didn’t want her to leave! Post natally, I felt really looked after by Leanne both in person & virtually. She helped with any concerns or worries I had, the support was fantastic! She’s also built up a lovely birthhood family and we’ve met up since for walks with the babies - so valuable as a new mum! I can’t recommend Leanne highly enough, she’s a pro at end-to-end care and if you’re reading this, book her!!!

Bea & Duane

Second baby


Just incredible! Leanne was amazing from the moment we booked her. She was always on hand for any questions and me and my husband loved our antenatal sessions with her and getting to know her, gaining knowledge. Postnatally she was excellent, always a message away and for our sessions. However, I couldn’t have done the birth without her. She protected my birth space perfectly and advocated for me many times. She was especially helpful in times that my husband had to go to do other stuff (sorting older daughter out, making drinks, setting up the pool, going for a wee etc) and I always had Leanne there who I was fully 100% comfortable with. She reassured me in times where I wasn’t sure about things and was my biggest cheerleader. She knew what was important to me in my birth and made sure I got that and always had that in her mind. My husband was sceptical when I first mentioned booking a doula, but was completely convinced after the birth, he knows how vital she was in our experience. She literally felt like home - that’s the best way I can describe her doula service. And I have no doubt that without her, my birth would have been a very different experience. I would recommend Leanne as a doula to everyone! I honesty can’t put in to words fully how incredible she was for us.

Cris & Vince

First baby

Hospital birth

I couldn't choose a better doula! I'm Brazilian and had my first baby here with Leanne's support! Me being a foreign person I thought would be good as well to have a local doula who's has the knowledge of the law around here having a baby at the hospital, someone who knows well our rights. Leanne has a lot of knowledge, she has a lot of energy and it's calm like a Buddhist monk when need it😅. I had been in labour for 4 days, 3 hours pushing and she gave all the support I needed. She pushed me to do all the exercises, movements and more to help increases my chances of having a natural labour! Going up and downstairs, side laying, steps at the curb in our way back from Pub, yes, I was having a coffee at the pub near my house while I was having contractions🤣 just to change the environment and try to relax a bit more! She supported my choices and stayed at my side at the most needed times! And the hypnobirthing course gave me knowledge, confidence and power to go through 4 days in labour, it is a must do course if you are pregnant! After all I'm so glad that I met Leanne and had her as my doula and now as a friend!

Heather & Dan

First baby


The service was amazing. We both felt fully supported through the whole process. The day of the birth went better than we could have dreamed. Leanne made sure we were both relaxed and comfortable, while dealing with the midwife's in a professional manner to make sure I had the best birth outcomes possible.

Leanne has so much knowledge on birth and can really support you in one of the most special times. I couldn't recommend enough.

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