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When should I start hypnobirthing classes?

You can start your hypnobirthing whenever the hell you like, but from 20-30 weeks gestation. is most common to give you time to practice but the best time to come is when you feel that you are ready: hypnobirthing can still help you even in the late stages of pregnancy. However, the more time you have to practice and listen to my MP3s, the more you will benefit from the hypnotherapy and relaxation tools that you will learn.



What is the difference between hypnobirthing classes and antenatal classes?

 The primary function of Namamaste is to teach you how to ensure you get the best experience from your birth. So aside from just explaining the processes, we explain how to ensure your rights are adhered to and utilise your own resources to help you to relax, to be in control and feel  positive about your labour. Antenatal classes generally cover how to best look after your health during pregnancy and labour and how to look after your baby after the birth. I do that too!


Who can use hypnobirthing?

Absolutely fucking Anyone! Hypnobirthing is about increasing your sense of control irrespective of who you are and how your baby arrives into the world. 

I ensure the courses are inclusive, supportive and fully unadulterated!


Does my partner need to attend?

Birth-hood classes are for both you and your brth partner (where possible!) y you'll learn badass techniques for both of you. it'll also allow you both to feel prepared and positive about the birth of your child. If you don’t have a partner or are planning to birth without your partner present, hypnobirthing will still work for you: many birhting peoplel have had great hypnobirths without a partner present. Just drop me a message!


Which areas do you teach hypnobirthing in?

I currently teach courses around the Midlands, specifically Leicestershire .

However I teach both in person and online. Private courses can be taught around Leicestershire and surrounding areas.

 If you live outside of these areas and you are interested in classes, please DM me for online options!

My home postcode is in the LE67 area!



How many couples are in the group?

I teach groups between 4-6 couples only.

Depending on location of course.

I also offer semi private sessions, so if you and a friend want to book together and it feel more intimate this is for you!


You both can get £50 off your courses using code MATESRATEs

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